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KR Motors; ‘Realizing Dreams & Inspiring Customers’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to KR Motors.

I’m extremely proud to announce that KR Motors has been offering its customers innovative and aspirational motorcycle products, both domestically and internationally for more than 45 years as a specialist motorcycle manufacturing company. The KR Motors legacy is an inspiring and distinctive story that has witnessed great successes and overcome times of adversity. Despite recent contractions in the local market and with the ever volatile landscape of global economies, the KR Motors name has stood tall to maintain its position as Korea’s leading motorcycle brand. This is testament to the dedication of KR Motors philosophy in evolving its core competencies & bringing to the international arena leading technologies in motorcycle advancement.

Motorcycles are truly a way of life, and motorcycle riders are a unique cohort of individuals who love to feel at one with their machine. They love to be fast, stylish and share their passion with other motorcycle enthusiasts alike, whether for recreational riding or simply as their means of daily transportation. KR Motors is driven to equip its riders with motorcycles that deliver value and offer a unique experience. Our production competencies & leading technology applications continue to provide inspiring motorcycle products for our customers, and we faithfully carry out dynamic management strategies to advance our position in all global motorcycle markets.

With our relentless passion and dedication to excellence, KR Motors will continue to achieve organic growth and strive to continue to stand as ‘Korea’s number 1 motorcycle brand and to become recognised as the 5th global motorcycle company’.

KR Motors will endeavour to do our best to contribute to individual motorcycle enthusiasts and community groups both locally & internationally, and to further provide our shareholders with the utmost value for return on their investment, setting the foundations for future successes. 

As CEO of KR motors, I wish you health, happiness, and I would like to remind everyone of safe riding.  We look forward to you joining us on the future path of KR Motors success as we embark on this history making adventure.

Yours Sincerely, KR Motors CEO

Company Address : [ Postal Code 51573 ] 28, Wanamro, Sungsan-gu, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsang-namdo, Korea    CEO Lee, Ki-Bok    E-mail address


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