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Based on accumulated technology and know-how, KR motors established R & D center in 1987.

KR Motors, as a leading motorcycle company, has been carrying out motorcycle development having international competitiveness, developing independent products and doing research of new technology. Through continuous exchange and cooperation with leading research institutes in Korea, recognizing the ever-changing technology trends and new technologies. KR Motors has also actively participated in the development of two-wheelers in Korea so to improve our own technology.

Also, through various experiments, KR motors has been striving to meet customers' requirements and regulations that span diverse areas such as environmental performance, durability, stability, driveability, braking, human sensibility and so on for motorcycles. Currently, some products have already achieved results such as acquiring Royalty through technology transfer.

Recently, KR Motors introduced V-Twin 650cc, Naked GT650/S/R, American 650cc, and GV650m and will also accelerate the development of over 1,000cc motorcycles and luxury style scooter in the future.

  • Plan & Design

    Plan & Design

    Establishing product development plan through identifying consumption trend and conducting market research

  • 3D CAD

    3D CAD

    Through 3D validation, minimizing technical errors, improving performance and quality

  • Test & Estimation

    Test & Estimation

    Prompt feed-back by trial driving test validation of product performance

  • Develope


    Accumulating new technology by developing sole technique power.

  • Technology


    Accumulating new technology by developing sole technique power.


The gap in differentiated technology worldwide has been narrowing, while customers’ needs are becoming diversified and their requirements are going higher. Identifying changing customers’ consumption is a key factor in determining the success of product development. So, through the survey for market conditions and poll from customer, KR motors prepares a product development plan and establishes style of product on the plan.

Once the development of a new vehicle is confirmed in terms of management strategy, the type and pattern of the era and the advantages or disadvantages of other makers’ competing vehicles will be analyzed. And, in order to shape the product that conforms to the concept, it completes the basic package layout by making it more detailed and realistic with idea sketching and tape drawing.

These steps create a 1:1 scale model, clarify the overall balance and intent of the previous phases, and provide a detailed view of the design and production technologies. We also review analysis for easiness of assembly or disassembly of vehicle, and sensitivity of design parts. In addition, the detailed analysis in terms of emotional engineering is conducted, and that is used for model production as data.

These processes are negotiated from time to time in the production process to ensure accurate and realistic model production as possible. This creates a new model with superior performance and affordability to fulfill customers’ needs.

제품기획 및 디자인
3차원설계 CAD


Based on the fixed 1:1 scale model, 3 dimensional validation is conducted to minimize design errors, enabling more complete and reliable designs. 3 dimensional design systems help to design engine, chassis, electric/electronic components, etc. and, at the same time, help to detect and correct anticipated problems early to reduce development time and minimize the cost of loss due to design errors.

Also, it also improves performance and quality through design calculations and interpretations in virtual space.

3차원설계 CAD

Test & Estimation

During the start-up phase, there is an error analysis to maximize performance and functionality. It also evaluates the feasibility of vehicle systems and implements measures to provide quick feedback on the design to improve quality.

Therefore, by actually producing and testing the products that will be developed based on the drawings, the prerequisites for production and the verification, validity of the designs will be evaluated. In an environment similar to actual driving conditions, KR Motors focuses on perfect product development by validating and validating the engine, body and electrical components for optimum performance, including power performance, driving performance, suspension setting, braking performance, stability, body sensibility and durability.

시험 및 평가
파워 트레인 개발


Since 1987, KR Motors has developed its own engine and built up new technology every year. In 2009, KR Motors developed the first 700c engine in Korea to compete with major global brands.

In the future, we will develop a powerful and large-volume engine by accumulating more technical skills and strengthening our facility investment. Therefore, we will achieve success in entering Top 5, the world's flag carrier, as well as the domestic market dominance. In addition, we will strive to improve performance and develop next-generation eco-friendly two-wheelers in line with the changing trends of the motorcycle market.

파워 트레인 개발

Production Technology

To order to produce the designed product in the most reasonable and efficient manner, KR motors are engaged in innovation production technology activities, such as introduction of new building methods, relocation and appropriate introduction of molds, jigs, facilities suitable for characteristics of various products. This makes contribution to improve product quality and productivity.


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